Our Story

MELLI is a Swedish brand based on a completely new scientifically developed line of professional cosmetics that utilizes the very best of technical innovations in the field of cosmetics. Developed in Switzerland by PENTAPHARM, one of the world's leading research and manufacturing laboratories in the field of anti-aging. With our unique filling procedure without human intervention, the use of pharmaceutical technology and outstanding exclusive packaging, we managed to take a significant share of the international market with high-quality skin care that guarantees the best appearance without any chemical interventions.

MELLI is committed to following the basic values of sustainable development and shows environmental consideration in all stages of production. Through experience and knowledge, MELLI has developed a series of specially selected ingredients for each individual product, we offer a wide selection of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, masks, serums, eye and body care products and our products are tailored for different skin types including dry, oily , acne, mature and sensitive skin.

Just thinking about age becomes one-dimensional. MELLI products are designed with fresh and classic beauty looks in mind and enhance women's natural beauty. The driving force behind the skin care's effectiveness is the high concentration of active ingredients, minerals from the Dead Sea, natural plant oils, antioxidants, multivitamin capsules and vegetable fatty acids that target the deepest skin layers.

The combination of high-performance ingredients together with the premium ingredients found in MELLI products, with their soft, beneficial texture, easy absorption and pleasant fragrance, have been combined to create the perfect line of scientific cosmetics for women and men of all ages.

Our idea is based on the knowledge structure of the skin, which gives us the opportunity to constantly monitor that Melli products live up to our high quality requirements. This applies to both the selection of organic raw materials and careful production. Melli is eco-friendly and contains no parabens, and we use C and E vitamins and natural salts to guarantee durability. Products are not tested on animals. Instead, we choose ingredients that are known not to be allergenic and test our products on human volunteers.

MELLI plant stem cells are produced and incorporated into cosmetic products to ensure the longevity of skin cells, which results in a fantastic Anti-Aging effect.